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Fungal infections:

I had a patient today who presented with a fungal infection on his face. The diagnosis wasn’t clear cut, as the rash was red and only minimally scaly after having been incorrectly treated with topical steroids for a couple of weeks. Because I suspected a fungal infection, I asked the patient if there was any other rash on his body. His reply: “well, I have this chronic jock itch.” On examination, I noticed a classic fungal infection in the groin. This led me to ask him to remove his shoes, where we discovered a fungal infection on his feet and toenails. Since the fungal infection in his toenails would continue to be a haven for fungus, we decided it was important to treat his fungus with a pill medication so as to wipe out the fungus from his skin and nails for good.

Dr. Benjamin Barankin

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