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Dr. Benjamin Barankin in Canadian SKIN Magazine winter 2012 issue

Dr. Benjamin Barankin writes 2 articles for Canadian SKIN Magazine for their winter 2012 issue. In Unwanted facial hair: how much is too much?, Dr. Barankin discusses the diagnosis of excessive hair (or hirsutism), the psychosocial implications, the causes, prevention and treatment of unwanted hair including the hair removal  methods such as plucking, shaving, threading, waxing, electrolysis, and laser hair removal, and the topical (Vaniqa) and oral therapies. He also discusses the importance of ensuring there are no other medical problems that may be causing excess hair growth such as hormonal issues.
In “Diabetic skin care”, Dr. Barankin reviews how diabetes affects the skin, and which skin conditions are particularly common in diabetic patients. He reviews some of the important preventative measures for diabetic patients such as humidity, bathing, moisturizer selection, dealing with itch skin and the elements, the importance of checking your feet, and the importance of leg elevation and compression socks. Diabetics are particularly prone to dry skin and infections of the feet in diabetics (largely preventable) can result in serious problems including amputation.

In this issue, Dr. Barankin was also recognized and thanked for being a “Pro-Patient Dermatologist” and for volunteering time and energy to support the work and programs of the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance (CSPA) – www.canadianskin.ca 


By: Dr Ben Barankin

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