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Did you know…Dermatologists do lots of different things?

Did you know that dermatologists such as ours at Toronto Dermatology Centre, treat all ages, men & women, of every skin type, pregnant and nursing, elderly, you name it?
Did you know that dermatologists such as ours provide medical, surgical, laser, and cosmetic care of the skin, hair and nails?
Did you know that dermatologists treat more than rashes? Did you know that we diagnose and treat skin cancers, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), acne and rosacea, skin infections like cold sores and athlete’s foot and molluscum, pearly penile papules, and pretty much anything that affects the skin and is visible to the naked eye?
Did you know that we treat all severities of skin conditions? People are often surprised to hear that we treat mild acne or mild psoriasis, or mild whatever, but the fact is, whether your skin condition is mild, moderate, or severe, our dermatologists are the best trained to deal with your skin problem quickly, from diagnosing it properly, to making sure the right education is provided (e.g.  verbal, our amazing handouts, and the incredible content on our website), to ensuring the right treatment is chosen with the best balance of safety and efficacy with awareness as to cost as well.
Did you know that our dermatologists are always accepting new patients?
Did you know that our dermatologists do all their own Botox and dermal filler (e.g. Juvederm Restylane) injections?
Did you know that Toronto Dermatology Centre is the most comprehensive skin care clinic in Canada? We offer dermatologists and plastic surgeons, along with phototherapy (OHIP-covered service for psoriasis, eczema, itchy skin, rashes and more) and clinical research trials, as well as treating all medical, surgical, laser and cosmetic aspects of the skin in all age groups.

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