Common questions (FAQ) we get at Toronto Dermatology Centre. - Toronto Dermatology Centre
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Common questions (FAQ) we get at Toronto Dermatology Centre.

Q. Can you see my daughter or son (not a current patient) without a referral?
A. For all medical dermatology issues, all new patients must obtain a referral.
Q. How do I get a referral to see you if I don’t have a family doctor?
A. Any medical doctor can refer you, such as a cardiologist or rheumatologist. Also, any walk-in clinic doctor can refer you as well.
Q. Will I have to wait to see the doctor?
A. Usually not. Our doctors are generally very good at running on time, although emergencies come up, as well as fluctuations in patient flow due to traffic, weather, and other factors which influence when your doctor will see you. Just in case, bring something to read or do. If for some reason you were made to wait and you have someplace else to be, then let the front desk know to reschedule you – in general, try not to book errands/appointments too close to your doctor’s appointment due to the unpredictable nature of medical practice.
Q. Are the doctors at Toronto Dermatology Centre any good?
A. They are. Our physicians are all board certified and have received numerous awards, presented and published scientific papers all over the world, published numerous books, and are respected by the medical and patient community at large. More importantly, they truly care about providing excellent patient care through timeliness, courtesy, kindness, professionalism, and expertise in medical diagnosis and treatment.
Q. Is there parking at Toronto Dermatology Centre?
A. Thankfully there is ample parking, in fact 2 main lots at ground level, and 1 underground lot, more than almost any other medical building in the city. Parking fees are also very reasonable. For free parking, there are options on local side streets, across the street at Earl Bales Park, or the local plaza at Bathurst & Sheppard.

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