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Clarisonic, for your feet!

Clarisonic was founded by Sonicare—the luxury toothbrush brand favored by dental elitists worldwide. Clarisonic Pedi and its many attachments, promises to ‘create beautiful, smooth, sandal ready feet.’ You will be able to transform rough, dry heels and toes in just minutes a day into softer, more beautiful looking feet. The patented sonic frequency oscillates back and forth at more than 300 movements per second, working synergistically with specially designed Pedi care formulations to gently slough dry, rough foot skin, revealing heels, toes and soles that are beautifully smooth and soft.
Included in its box are the device, a charger, a wall adapter, two brush heads, an exfoliator, foot cream and a foot peel serum. The Pedi’s more intense metal smoothing disk head is recommended for use only two times per week on dry feet, without the use of product. It oscillates over each foot for a preset two minutes before automatically turning off. The gentler, buffing brush head is safe for everyday use, according to Clarisonic’s instructions. It can be used dry, or with a quarter-sized amount of the ‘Pedi Buff’, a peppermint scented scrub that is included in The Pedi’s box. It also runs for two minutes per foot.
The two processes can be done separately or in tandem. If used together, the whole process is to be followed up with the Pedi Boost peel treatment, and then three to five minutes later, the Pedi Balm softening cream.
Step 1: If you want the full spa service, start with the smoothing disc on dry feet, especially on those rough areas. The smoothing disc is one of the attachments that comes with the device, and essentially acts like an electronic pumice stone as it sloughs the dry skin from soles. It pulses in one-minute intervals, to remind users to move on to a different area of the foot. Also, despite putting it on its highest setting, it doesn’t tickle.
Step 2: Switch out the smoothing disc attachment for the buffing brush head, which looks very similar to the Clarisonic Mia, and can be used with or without water. Use exfoliating minty Pedi Buff scrub before tackling them with the electronic brush.
Step 3: You still have a couple of tools left in Clarisonic arsenal: the Pedi Boost, a sort of gel peel that like a “secret weapon to soften your feet,” and the Pedi Balm, a lotion that goes on five minutes after the gel. Instructions on the balm’s tube advises to use it liberally before slipping feet into spa socks for better results. Despite the application of three different liquid products you can’t feel any greasiness in the slightest. Maintenance is also blessedly easy: you just have to use the electronic brush head about twice a week, followed by the Boost gel and the Balm.
Remember, it isn’t necessary to use all of the steps every day. And although the quality of all Clarisonic tools are extraordinary, reviews have found the added foot care products to be exceptional. Whether you suffer from dry cracked heels or just want your feet to always look and feel their best, the new Clarisonic Pedi is worth checking out.
~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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