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Can you trust your clinic?

When I go to get my hair done I want to feel that my stylist is suggesting the best options for me. If I feel they are choosing a style that is beyond my comfort zone, or something where the upkeep is beyond my financial ability, then I start to wonder if they are there to help me or just increase the size of their pocketbook. As a service provider in the “people” business for 30 years, I have learned that there needs to be a great balance between what the patient needs and what the patient wants. What I mean by that is that I may see a patient who could really use some photorejuvenation/BBL to target their sun damage, but that patient may not see sun damage at all. If I tell them what they need, they could be grateful, but they could also be offended and think I am just telling them something to “get their money.”
Some patients are truly interested in correcting skin problems, but some just want to hear that they are fine. I tend to try and be honest with all of my patients, and if asked, I will tell them in a perfect world what I would choose for them. I also let them know that I know this is not a perfect world and that time and money and obligations are always a factor in the decisions we make. It is important that the patient knows they are included in all decisions and that they are 100% informed of what the treatment or home care routine entails. There should never be a feeling of being forced into doing something that the patient isn’t comfortable with, no matter what we as skin experts might think.

I also do a lot of consults with the dermatologist’s patients when they are interested in Botox or fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane. I have worked with doctors in the past that, although they may perform a good service, they will top out on the amount of filler or Botox the patient receives. They will say that if the filler is too much, it can be dissolved. Well, that sounds reasonable, or does it? If you pay too much to have too much filler put in and then turn around and pay to have it removed only a few weeks later, how is that in your best interest? One of the first things I noticed here at TDC is that our Derms are very conservative when they treat. They go for a more natural look, with the option of coming back in a few weeks to have more filler added if the patient chooses. Doesn’t that make a lot more sense? And if the Botox hasn’t achieved the goal the patient wants after the initial 2 weeks, then they can add more. Certainly better than having that “ice rink” forehead that everyone is afraid of. Importantly, our dermatologists do all their own injections so as to optimize results and minimize any potential side effects.

The best way for us to build our business is to build it up with loyal patients who know they can trust us and trust us to their friends and family. We will suggest what you need, never try to sell you something you don’t need, and let you make decisions in your own time. A loyal clientele is earned and it takes time to build. At Toronto Dermatology Centre, our estheticians and Dermatologists work together to make you happy that you chose us. Our goal is that when others see you, they think you look healthy, relaxed and natural, not “fake, frozen and done”. We love it when our patients are complimented on their appearance, but the one giving the compliment is perplexed as to what it is that suddenly looks so good.

Don’t be afraid, be informed. Not all Botox, fillers or esthetics treatments have to look like you just had plastic surgery. A good clinic will always put the patient first, and that is what we do at Toronto Dermatology Centre. 

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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