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Botox myths & facts:

Myth: Botox is painful

Fact: Botox discomfort is very mild, most people rating it a 1 out of 10 in pain (like a mosquito bite)

Myth: Botox freezes everything and you look like a Hollywood weirdo or you look fake.

Fact: Botox performed properly by an expert dermatologist can make you look relaxed and more youthful, without anyone knowing you had anything done.

Myth: Botox is easy to do, anyone can treat you

Fact: Yes, injecting any needle is easy to do. However, to know which muscles to inject, at what depth, what quantity, and be able to avoid nerves and blood vessels, requires a significant knowledge of anatomy and overall beauty. Stick with a dermatologist for optimal results and safety.

Myth: I can’t do Botox since I can’t spare any downtime

Fact: There is no down time with Botox. You can have a swelling for 15 minutes where the Botox was injected, but that’s about it. A small percentage of people get a tiny purple dot (bruise) that is easy to cover and disappears within a few days. Occasionally you can get a headache for which over the counter headache medicines can be taken. Seldom, the eyebrows or eyelids can feel heavy or droopy, although this goes away usually within 2-3 weeks and can be avoided in experienced hands.

Myth: Botox kicks in right away, I’ll see the results as soon as I leave the clinic

Fact: Botox takes a few days to kick in, with most of the effect evident by 7-10 days.

Myth: Botox lasts 3 months.

Fact: The duration of Botox is variable. For most people, 4 months is a typical duration. However, some people have 3 months, while others have 5-6 months duration. The more consistently you receive Botox, the more likely it is to last longer with future treatments.

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