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All your biggest skin concerns solved – Refinery29

We all have a particular skincare issue we’d like to fix. We’re not talking about changing the way we look, but the way our skin behaves. An oily T-zone that looks more like a mirror than a forehead come lunchtime? We’ve been there. Chin scars left from a nasty bout of hormonal acne? We understand.
Skin can be a very temperamental thing, subject to change whenever our environment, hormones, lifestyle, or the products we use do. It can often feel like a constant battle — like when a dry patch clears up only for blackheads to appear — which is why we went to the pros to put our skin concerns under the spotlight.
Eight Refinery29 staffers, all with different skin tones and types, asked eight experts to help solve their issues. Click here to find out what they advised.


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