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Advanced micro-needling

At Toronto Dermatology Centre we have been treating a plethora of skin imperfections with the Dermaroller, a minimally invasive micro-needling cosmetic procedure. Results are impressive, although it does take patience and understanding of how skin works to repair itself for the patient. We also have the e-Dermastamp, specific to treating scars, both acne and surgical as well as stretch marks. By creating more trauma to the area, more evenly distributed, and considerably more comfortable, we are able to get a more dramatic improvement for our patients with fewer treatments.

The e-Dermastamp is the next evolution of skin-needling. Dermaroller has spent an extensive amount of time perfecting this new system. It’s shown within their studies that less needles on the tip (not more) proved greater in perforation, and (unlike the competitor) resulted in no dragging, tearing or scratching. Since then the needle design has dramatically changed along with a whole new tip design. The e-Dermastamp is combined with a motor, not found in the hand piece, it is separated. This separation has given the system stronger motor and quicker perforations into the skin. With the competitor, holes are created 50 times per second; the e-Dermastamp can perform with more than triple the penetration at 150 times per second.

The e-Dermastamp effectively promotes Scar Reduction Therapy using an automated, stamp-like motion with micro needles. This technology has been shown to aid in the treatment of deep wrinkles and scarring, and can effectively treat hard-to-reach places like the nose and upper lip. Unlike the needles on the Dermaroller, the needles on the e-Dermastamp have a vertical delivery. The needles can also easily penetrate isolated scar tissue. The micro needles enter the skin 50-150 times per second. For a fraction of this time the needle tips push the epidermal scales aside and enter into the skin. This tissue intrusion is sensed by the nerve sensors and, in return, they signal to other cells in the vicinity of 1 to 2 mm around the channel that a “possible” injury has taken place. The nerve signals trigger a wound healing response and cell proliferation occurs.

This is not to supersede the Dermaroller, as studies have proven that by rolling we create a “static” field of electrical signals needed to trigger regeneration mechanisms. The skin’s conductivity increases, while the skins electrical resistance decreases, allowing the cell to release growth factors which are received by dermal stem cells, creating up to 1000 times more collagen from just one treatment. Both modalities are a powerful duo and can be used together in the same treatment to achieve maximum results – using traditional Dermaroller for maximum Collagen stimulation and the e-Dermastamp to focus on scars, deep lines and stretch marks.

The e-Dermastamp uses a unique spring-loaded “stamp” with changeable needle tip cartridges. Identical to the Dermaroller the sterile needles are for single-use only. This astute design permits the user to change the needle tip cartridge after each use. The controlled precision of both the Dermaroller and e-Dermastamp demonstrates a non-ablative technique which does not damage the skin nor is the epidermis removed. Furthermore, with no thermal heat, clients experience minimal downtime. The e-Dermastamp also introduces the skin to instant hyaluronic acid infusions. This instantly makes the skin hydrated, smooth & glowing! Wait to see it with your own eyes; it’s the only way to be convinced.

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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