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A Successful SkinMedica event:

This week we held a special event for our VIP customers. One of our premiere medical skin care lines, SkinMedica, was at hand to oversee the event. This was our first big event featuring one of our skin care lines, and we are thankful to all of our guests who were able to attend.

The event started out with a complimentary facial featuring not only some of our retail SkinMedica products, but some very exclusive products used only for in-clinic services. The customer was pampered with cleansing and exfoliating, followed by a special Uplifting Eye Serum that would enhance the tone and quality under the eye while the rest of the facial was being performed. Special hydrating serums followed a customized massage. Finally, an appropriate mask was applied and we topped it all off with our top of the line TNS Essential Serum, moisturizer, and of course no one could leave without sunscreen! 

The SkinMedica line is known for its growth factors. Growth factors help to create collagen. Although their lines target pigment issues, rosacea, and mild acne conditions, they are known for their anti-aging abilities. Many celebrities swear by SkinMedica, with Oprah being one of their biggest supporters. 

Working with active ingredients such as retinol, antioxidants, AHAs, BHAs and ceramides, it is no wonder their customers are so loyal. Give your skin 6 months on SkinMedica and see the difference for yourself. Instead of just “feeling nice” their products go into the skin and actually work on correcting issues that the skin is having.

Being able to speak with Kristy and John from SkinMedica was very informative for our patients. They were able to answer questions as well as help tweak a better home regime for each individual. Our patients were able to take advantage of great savings on package deals that day as well as receive free products and of course enjoy their free facial.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to leave us your email address. Although we generally only send out a newsletter once a month (no junk mail), we are considering doing an event annually of this sort. By making sure we have a way of contacting you when something special like this comes up, you will be ensured to be among the first invited to these limited-space events.

Once again we would like to thank all of those who attended our event and for making the day so much fun. It was a long day for some of us, but the day just zipped by. We are hoping the next big event will be even better, and we are hoping all of you will be there too!

~ Sheri Roselle, Medical Esthetician at Toronto Dermatology Centre

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