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6 Big Cosmetic Procedures for 2018

Out of all the beauty trends we predict for 2018, potentially most fascinating is what will be trending in the world of plastic surgery. We’re not ones to poo-poo any cosmetic decision a woman makes to feel her best, including ones that involve a needle or a knife, so we were pretty curious about the upcoming forecast from The American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). Below, see what their crystal ball says we’ll be talking about (and maybe even trying) next year. And if you’re considering getting some work done yourself, we suggest reading our interview with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Gabriel Chiu, MD, who has advice for finding the right doctor you can trust.

woman getting botox filler cosmetic injection


There are tons of different injectable fillers on the market for plumping your cheeks and lips. If you were to squeeze out a filler like Juvéderm Voluma, Belotero, or Restylane Silk into your hands, you would notice how each one has a different texture to it—a variety in thickness and bounciness. A well-trained injector will carefully choose the right texture for the region of the face in which they are filling (for example, something softer for the lips and firmer for the cheeks) and experts predict better options will be coming to the market next year. “We foresee more flexible fillers that ‘bend’ when the face animates, as well as longer-lasting filler options,” says William H. Truswell, MD, the AAFPRS president.


There’s a term in the industry called “prejuvention.” This is when patients who don’t yet see wrinkles, sagging, or spots get rejuvenating cosmetic treatments as a preemptive measure to stop aging from ever happening in the first place. This can include things like neurotoxins that stop your forehead from creating creases, lasers that keep collagen production on high, and even small face-lifts that will theoretically nip the need for a bigger (and more obvious) surgery in the future. The industry is seeing a major uptick in requests from younger women seeking “prejuvenation.”

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