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Pearly penile papules

Pearly penile papules (“PPP”) are common flesh-coloured and benign growths found on the circumference of the rim of the tip (glans) of the penis.

Pearly penile papules can be found in 1-2 rows, and may be mistakenly considered to be transmitted sexually (they are not). They cannot be transferred to another person.

These small growths affect many men, and they are considered a variant of normal.

Pearly penile papules can be treated with various destructive modalities including electrosurgery, laser, cryotherapy and chemical agents. Our dermatologists have extensive experience treating pearly penile papules, and have treated hundreds of patients from across North America with this embarrassing and common condition. Typically, a strong anesthetic cream is applied prior to the procedure (no needles), and so the treatment is entirely painless and the healing time is approximately 1 week. The treatment is also quite affordable, book an appointment for a price quote and to answer all your questions.

Toronto Dermatology Centre is on the cutting edge of treating pearly penile papules in Toronto which although benign, many men and sometimes their partners, find unsightly. Our dermatologists not only diagnose and regularly treat pearly penile papules, they have also published medical articles on this condition to educate other physicians (more than any other North American doctors).

Before & 1 month after treatment of pearly penile papules

*Result may vary from person to person.

Here is a selection of scientific articles by our renowned dermatologists Dr. Benjamin Barankin and Dr. Anatoli Freiman as they pertain to Pearly Penile Papules (PPP):

Dermacase: Pearly Penile Papules
Dome-shaped Penile Papules
The Journal of Pediatrics – Pearly Penile Papules
Lesions on the Glans Penis
Pearly penile papules

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